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Group Classes

You and up to two other students have the chance to practice real-world conversations by freely discussing topics you're interested in while still being guided by a Verballed tutor.

This allows you to;

  1. Improve your vocabulary 

  2. Improve your speed of answering

  3. Gain confidence

  4. Meet people from around the world

  5. Practice for interviews, meetings, travelling or simply for personal growth


Group Classes Plus

For people who would like more specific learning and guided feedback, Verballed Group Plus is an amazing opportunity for you to have the best of both worlds.  With a weekly 1-2-1 class with your Verballed English Mentor, you then take your learning and practice it in a real world group discussion group each week with up to two other students.  This unique approach allows you use the English you have learned, reinforcing your private learning and building further your skill and confidence in speaking English


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We think teaching English should be more than just sitting in a classroom. So, what makes Verballed tick? Well, we've got some big ideas guiding us. Think of them as our inspirations and role models, pushing us to focus on real-life learning and making sure you actually use the language you're learning.

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