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1. Consultation

Book an online consultation with one of our expert Mentors to discuss your goals and create a plan that suits you

2. Subscribe

Subscribe to your chosen plan, starting from 30 minutes a week

3. Schedule

Find a day and time that suits your schedule and book your class

4. Get started

Jump right in and start talking!

5. Repeat

Return each week, build your confidence and have fun!!

Power up your English with our Mentor Express Program, where each week you have a class with your own personal English Mentor, plus a class with an English Tutor to practice your skills and gain confidence.

Whats included:
Weekly class with your personal Mentor
Target needs
review progress against your goals
Tailored materials

Weekly classes with Tutors
Choose your Tutor and class time
Conversation based
practice what you have learned
build confidence

1 on 1 classes with both a mentor and a Tutor weekly. This unique way of learning gives you a powerful and proven way to achieve your goals.  Your Mentor will meet with you weekly to give you targeted coaching and feedback, Simply choose one class duration per week with your Mentor, and then choose how many hours a week practicing with different Tutors to maximise your learning and your confidence at the same time


Create your plan!! Choose how much time you want each week with your Mentor and also how much time practicing with your Tutors. Contact us for full details and pricing

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